Terms of guarantee for axes

Cellfast axes were manufactured with the use of advanced technology and materials. They undergo rigorous testing, which check their strength and comfort of use in daily work. Despite making every effort, and rigorous quality control, there may be errors in the manufacturing process. Therefore, we have covered ERGO LINE™ axes with a 25-year international, limited guarantee for factory defects, on the following terms and conditions.

1. This guarantee is granted by CELL-FAST Sp. z o.o. Sp. z o.o. having its registered office in Stalowa Wola, ul. Grabskiego 31, 37-450 Stalowa Wola, (hereinafter, the "Guarantor").
2. This guarantee shall apply only to Cellfast ERGO LINE™ axes (hereinafter, the "Product") and shall be granted provided registration is performed of the aforementioned Product on the website www.cellfast.com.pl, within 30 days from the date of purchase, shown on the evidence of purchase (receipt or invoice).
3. This warranty covers only factory defects of the Product, with regards to the production method or material.
4. The guarantee entitles its holder to have the purchased Product repaired free of charge, for the purpose of removing the factory defects revealed during the warranty period referred to in passage 5 hereinbelow, or to have the Product replaced with a new one, subject to the contents of section 10 hereinbelow.
5. The guarantee period shall be 25 years from the date of registering the Product in accordance with the terms described in passage 2 above.
6. The guarantee shall remain valid only on the territory of the European Union.
7. Should factory defects of the Cellfast ERGO LINE™ axe be found, with regards to the production method or materials, a complaint should be submitted in writing directly to the Cellfast claims department to the address:

Complaint Department
ul. Drzymały 41
38-400 Krosno, Poland

Along with the abovementioned notification, the claimant should send the product wherein the defect has been found.

8. The written notification referred to in passage 7 hereinabove shall be made within 30 days from the moment of finding the defect.
9. The written notification of a Product defect, should contain:
- contact details of the reporting party (first and last name, address, phone number);
- information on the Product name and serial number;
- attached proof of Product purchase;
- the description of the defect/fault and the date of detecting it.
10. The decision on acknowledging the defect reported, and on the method of compensation, i.e. repair or replacing the Product with a new one, shall rest with CELLFAST.
11. Should the claim for defects be judged as reasonable, the Product shall be repaired or replaced with a new one within the agreed term.
12. The guarantee shall be exclusive of damage to the Product caused by:
- an accident;
- a modification of the Product and technical interference of unauthorized persons;
- negligence (i.e. the lack of proper cleaning of the Product after use);
- wear and tear resulting from Product use;
- use of the Product contrary to intended use;
- exposure to long-term effect of external factors, including atmospheric conditions and sunlight, beyond the control of the manufacturer, and arising from e.g. improper storage of the Product, including but not limited to changes in Product colouring or rusting;
- exposure to high (+ 40°C) or low (- 30°C) temperatures;
- incorrect maintenance of the Product, including use of acids or solvents as cleaning agents.
13. The guarantee shall be exclusive of Products that were subjected to repairs or attempts at repairs by persons and workshops not authorized by CELLFAST.
14. The guarantee shall not apply to Products constantly exposed to difficult conditions fostering corrosion (i.e. maritime climate, industrial setting, in constant contact with water, chemicals, ash, cement or dust, etc.).
15. The Guarantee shall not be binding if the Products are utilized contrary to their intended use, incompetently, carelessly, and if the Products are used for professional, or commercial purposes, or when they have been borrowed to a third party.
16. The Guarantor shall not be liable for collateral, indirect, special and resulting damage, including but not limited to damage or loss of Product usability, lost sales, profits or delays, or the impossibility to carry out this guarantee obligation.
17. Product replacement or repair shall not result in extending the effective term of the primary guarantee.
18. The present guarantee is of a supplementary nature, and has no effect on other seller warranties, does not limit, suspend, supersede, nor exempt guarantees granted to the Customer in connection with the law binding in a particular country, nor does it influence the rights under the purchase/sales contract, held by Customer towards the seller.
19. Based on the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on personal data protection (uniform text: Journal of Laws 1997 no. 133 item 883) the Guarantor hereby informs that disclosing personal data listed in passage 9 hereof, submitted along with notification of the Product defects is voluntary, however, it is required in order for the Guarantor to process the reported claims and make a decision concerning this matter. By submitting personal data, the Customer expresses consent to their collecting and processing by the Guarantor in order to execute the rights resulting from the guarantee. The Customer shall have the right to access the disclosed personal data being processed, and to correct them. At any time, they shall also have the right to demand cessation of personal data processing, and to withdraw consent for personal data processing, and the right to submit an objection on the terms specified by law.